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We kept dancing

The rhythm of the drum can cause your body to shake. The vibrations from the drum can cause your soul to quake. The artist that bangs their hands on the object to create a beat, paints a picture in our minds, creates a story with no words. Pulls emotions from a place of hidden desires. The drummer's body is still yet his arms are wild, quickening the rhythm like my heart quickens .

The beat brings steps as we dance around the silence of the noise. There is power in that noise. The balled up fist of the drummer beats down . You can hear the music, the cries as the drum creates a scream, creates a song. The drum is shaking, swaying back and forth from the fist beating down on the surface, But we keep dancing, they keep dancing as the drummer beats down on my surface, But we keep dancing they keep dancing. The sounds I am making, the screams, I am making music.

Music to fill the silence, music to create silence, and we dance, and you dance. And the drummer's arms grow tired and her fist becomes raw, but we keep dancing, you keep dancing. Everyone is still dancing, Unaffected, never resting, they dance and they sing and they cheer,But you drum, the drum is crying. The drum creates a melody hoping, praying, shaking. Can you not hear past the pleasure of your ears? Can you not see through the rhythm of deception? It makes you feel timeless, makes you feel strong but at what cost. A heart beats more frantically when a life is being lost.

But it still creates this beautiful sound to you. Entrances you, for how can such beauty be because of pain. How can the painted images created with a closed fist create such shame.

The music begins to fade, and the drummer walks away, never looking back , her pride holds her head high, Her thoughts are alive with accomplishment. She knows she created a masterpiece, yet shame holds her soul . shame causes her to dance…….. and we keep dancing, you keep dancing. The drum stands silently, ready for the next beating, stands pretty and tall. Yet the surface is scuffed, the pad is rough. The vibrations have stopped leaving the drum hollow, empty……. But we kept dancing…...

…..You kept dancing.

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