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Regaining the motivation to write

The man moves to lift his hands to the laptop in front of him, trying to will himself to produce words upon the screen. His eyes move from the empty document to his hands still hovering above the keys, he types a single sentence but quickly deletes it, sighing in annoyance and closing the laptop upon his desk. He looks at everything surrounding his laptop, seeing the random cans and snack containers around, showing his time spent trying to find the words he needs to piece together his next book. He sees a book sitting open with book marked pages, closing it his name is displayed upon the spine, and the title on the front. The book cover displays three young women with swirls of colors surrounding them, as he stares at the book, he remembers the deadline coming up and the demand from his publishers and fans to hurry and come up with the next sequel. “If only they knew how many sleepless nights had been spent trying to find what’s next” he thought as he picked up the book and flipped to a random page. The page he lands on details that of the brewing struggles his main heroines shall face and the new companion they must find. As he continues reading he doesn’t notice the sudden shift of color around him and the new sounds suddenly in the room. After a moment he finally feels that something is off and he looks up seeing the sun hiding behind the clouds in the sky and the wind tussling through his hair. Looking down again he sees the book that was in his hands has disappeared and the chair he was in has been replaced with that of the soft grass that is now under him. He frantically looks around for the book, wondering where he is, after all he was just in his office reading his book and now is suddenly in an unknown place. He pauses taking a deep breath knowing freaking out won’t help him, standing up and taking in his surroundings he sees a cabin not too far away. Making his way towards the cabin he hesitates freezing his step. “I don’t know where I am or how I got here. Is this really a good idea?” He says out loud but chuckles awkwardly realizing if anyone is here they may stumble upon him talking to himself. He continues on to the cabin and finds himself by the door, before knocking he hears voices inside. “How did you bring us here?” One voice is heard saying and a second voice joins her asking where they are to the person who seems to be the one who brought the others there. The man listening in from the outside hears movement and another voice saying “with my power I’m able to bring others through a portal, I knew you three needed help, so brought you to my home”. After hearing a fourth voice join the conversation he realizes this scene is familiar to him. He groans thinking how can he be so stupid not to realize this was from his book where the sisters meet the witch for the first time, the point where this sets up the next books that he’s suppose to come up with. Escaping his thoughts he notices the window and moves towards it in hope he may be able to see his heroines come to life before his eyes. He pauses next to the window and turns to peak in, he sees three young women sitting down on the couch facing another young woman who’s speaking on what’s to come next. This is what his fans are wanting to know also, what’s to come to these sisters and newcomer. Suddenly he hears an alarming noise and sees the women and cabin turn blurry, blinking his eyes he slowly looks around taking in the sight of his dark room with the windows shades drawn showing the dark night sky outside. He looks down seeing he’s back in his writing chair and sees the book closed on the floor where it must’ve fallen off his lap as he slept. Reaching down picking up his book he sets it on his desk and turns to open back up his laptop, it’s still on the screen showing the empty document with no words yet on it. After seeing the characters of his story come to life he knew he must continue their journey, with new motivation to continue he starts to brainstorm. With a smile appearing on his face he knew how he could continue this heroine's story, raising his hands back to the keys he started to continue the journey he began.

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