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Marlena's Little Bird

KaJena Miller

Marlena and her Bird

“ Marlena! Marlena Child, where have you gone?”

Pigtails bounce as Marlena hurries to hide the sun shining so bright it temporarily blinds Miss Jesabells from finding little Marlena hidden in the bushes. Walking past her, Marlena giggles to herself, smoothing her little red-green dress down and swatting the dirt off her knees. Humming a toon to herself, she sees the sun has turned black. To her surprise, a little red robin has made a home on the tree branch above her head—no wonder the sun has gone away.

Bouncing up on her knees, she examines the little bird.

“ Hello birdy, are you here for a rest?”

The little bird lifted its head, tilting it to the side. She tweets, mimicking the little girl.

“ Pretty birdy you are. Care to be my friend?”

Lifting her little hand, she places it lightly on the branch to not scare the bird. Curiously the bird steps closer. A smile broke across Marlena’s Face.

“ That's it pretty birdy, let’s be friends”

Suddenly the bird, without warning, dives aggressively towards the tree’s base. Marlena, in surprise, falls landing on her bottom with a loud thump. Scurrying back to her knees, she looks over to find her little friend. The little bird stood mesmerized, its beady eyes trained on a small hole not too far from it. A tiny worm began wiggling its way from the hole, stopping to feel the suns' warmth. In a moment of realization, Marlena starts to shout to warn the worm-

“ There you are, Marlena!”

Scooping Marlena in her arms Miss Jezebel lightly throws her over her shoulders. All Marlena could do was watch in horror as her little bird ate that poor warm.

“ You heard me calling you did you not?”

Blinking back to reality, she finally takes notice of Miss Jezebel.

“ My apologies I got distracted”

“ Silly girl always with your head in the clouds”

“ There are no clouds”

“ A figure of speech Miss Marlena, you must get ready”

Nodding she turns her head back towards the tree to watch the robin fly away in satisfaction

“ Miss Jezebel?”

“ Yes, Marlena?”

“ No spaghetti tonight”

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