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Learning To Reclaim Your Power

KaJena Miller

We live in a world where it is difficult to disconnect ourselves from negative thoughts or opinions. This world is throwing things at us, financial struggles, social issues, mental health, family drama, etc. We are constantly fighting battles within ourselves as well as with others. This post gives you suggestions on reclaiming your power and taking back your energy.

2021 for me, was a year of sorrow. I had the worse year of my life. The first year after I had disowned my mother and the rest of the family, in turn, disowned me. My wife and I had to find a place to live, so we jumped from Airbnb to Airbnb, losing thousands of dollars a month to survive.

I was angry. I was resentful. I cursed the world, never understanding why I had to suffer to prosper. I forced myself to hold onto all of my anger and frustration as a way to validate my own experience and keep my mother far away from me. I didn't realize that yes, It was helping me keep my distance, but it wasn't helping me mentally. I needed to learn to heal. The first step is accepting that it's ok to be angry, but you cant let your anger hold you back from living. Here are some things I do to take back my energy. Remember, healing isn't linear. You have to work on it every day.

Call Back Your Energy

Go to a place where you feel safe and are alone. Once there, take some deep, calming breaths to center your energy. Close your eyes and say. " I ( Your full name) Take back my energy from anyone who does not deserve it, I take back my love from abusers and those who do not serve my higher purpose. You then can go on and call it back from specific people. You have to say it with conviction. It will only work if you believe it. You can close it out with " I reclaim my love, time, and energy. I reclaim it for me". Repeat this as many times as you need.


Journaling is a great way to connect with yourself and your inner desires. When you journal, you have to be honest with yourself. You have to dig deep and find your inner healing. Here are three prompts to get you started.

  • Write a letter to the person that genuinely hurt you( You don't have to send it, You could use this to let it out)

  • Would your younger self be proud of the person you are today?

  • Are you happy with who you are at this moment? Why/why not

Goal setting/ Vision Boards

Make a plan. Are there things that you want to accomplish? Are there things you are stopping yourself from doing? Take time out and sit with yourself. Make a plan, have a vision for your life. When life starts to beat you up, use the goals/vision board you made to inspire you to keep going.

Take yourself on a date.

Treat yourself! Be kind and gentle with yourself. You deserve to take a break. Get ready, dress up to make yourself feel confident. Go to your favorite spot grab food. Spend time with yourself alone. Dating yourself helps you learn to love your own company, and there is great power in that.

Hold Yourself Accountable

What are you still holding onto, and is it serving your higher purpose/self? If not, love yourself enough to let it go.

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