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Blue Sand Red Water Pt.2

Part 2 Blue sand Red water

The soft rocks of the boat, arouse Nia from unconsciousness. Once she came to she kicked out feeling the restraints around her ankles and wrist, pulling her arms tightly behind her back wrapped our a post. a thin white cloth was wrapped tightly around her eyes. Through the cloth, Nia could make out the figures of men surrounding her each occupied with their own doings.

Nia sucked in a quick breath, what could she do. Within the constraint, she had free range to move her legs apart but not by much and her arms were completely useless. She forced her body to relax. She would get nowhere if she continued to struggle. She began to focus on her senses. The cool touch of the pole on her fingers. The rough wooden ship. She could taste the salty sea against her lips reminding her of her mother’s terrible baking bringing her a bit of comfort.

The echo of heavy footsteps against the boat brought Nia to attention. Nia quickly hardened her exterior before her blindfold ripped off her face leaving her blinded by the sunlight reflecting off the water's surface.

“ Aye ain't you a pretty one”

A chorus of agreement from the nearby men brought a chill of disgust down her spine. Blinking her eyes to focus she could finally see. She was on a small ship, and surrounding her was 6 men including what she believed to be the ring leader. A rough man with skin scrapped by years of being on the salty sea.

Crouching down to eye level the man examined Nia who refused to break eye contact. Her eyebrows pulled together in a permanent scowl. Her mother would always use her thumbs to smooth out her forehead, fussing at her about her face one day being forever stuck with a scowl.

“ We little princess, what an honor to have you on board. Hope your folks won’t be missin' ya”

Reaching his hand up he took a lock of her hair twirling it around his fingers, examining her. Nia was no fool she sat straight and unmoving. Provoking the beast would do nothing but worsen her situation. She examined him right back. His head was covered by a beat-up Black hat with brown trim that folds up like horns. She could see the speaks and stains of dirt mixed with sweat leaving the little bits of hair coming out of his hat to stick to his neck. His face was half covered by a beard that fell tangled down his chest.

He had to be a lackey, a man hired just to transport her. A man that smells as if he was never bathed could not be the leader of overthrowing a kingdom. He tried to caress her face, quickly snapping her neck to prevent his grimy hands from touching her skin.

“ Aye don't be like that girl, Maybe we can have some fun before we leave you to King Demono”

She could not stop the rage boiling within her blood as she snapped her head, Spitting out her furry at the man.

“ A bath would do you better “,

She hissed, a wade of spit landing square between the man's eyes. He barely took the time to register her actions as he raised his hand, slapping her clean across the face. Nia saw stars. The world seem to spin as her head grew too heavy for her neck to hold up. Her cheek felt as if carved by hot razors.

She willed herself to focus yet her vision remained blurred. She could hear the men's cackling bouncing off her eardrums before a sound began to break through the manic laughter. Like a leaf being gently carried on the breeze. The sound seems to rise above the rest, a voice or many. Each was more angelic than the last as they harmonized. Nia could feel the tears begin to prick her eyes, her chest felt like she could explode. Before she was again submerged in darkness, tasting the salty water on her lips as she went under.

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