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AF.FEM Press Writing Contest 

$50 Cash Prize three winners


Most Creative | Most Viewed | Most Consistent 


* Any Genre of writing accepted 

*Contest designed for Women of Color

  • Join AF.FEM Press and Sign up to be a Writer ( under Submissions)

  • Repost Contest announcement with #affempress ( Located on our Instagram-af.fempress- Page)

  • 100+ word requirement

  • Have fun and be creative!

*Why is this only for women of color?


Women of color are often looked over regarding their experiences and their stories. AF.FEM Press is designed to connect readers to stories created by Women of Color to close the gap and to put the spotlight on their creations.


Most Viewed:

The winner of this category is based on the number of people who read and engaged with your story posted on our site. You are allowed to promote your story on your social media accounts as well as to anyone that listens! @af.fempress on Instagram so we can be a part of your journey! this would also be a great opportunity to grow your community and get your name out there.

Most Creative:

This category will be based on whom we deem as the most creative here at AF.FEM Press. A panel of judges will have the final decision. What will we be looking for? We are looking for new ideas, a fresh take on a topic, or just anything interesting! This applies to any category ( nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry, Essay, etc) Write from the heart and be creative!

Most Consistent:

This category will be awarded to the writer who posts the most throughout the month of August. With the 100-word minimum, we are looking at writers that used this contest to strengthen their writing skills and pushed their limits. We want to reward hard work and dedication to your craft. It can be hard to motivate yourself as a writer if you aren't getting paid. Use this as an opportunity to stretch your limit and get a chance to win $50!

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